Cast stone is specified under the masonry Division 4 Section 4720 and is traditionally set by a masonry contractor. Cast stone is occasionally referenced to section 3450 Architectural Precast Concrete. Capital Cast Stone™ units have a very smooth and fine grained texture with an appearance very similar to the crisp clean edges of natural cut stone. Also, CCS units are formed and achieve high quality and greater compressive strength using the dry-tamped method of production.

Strength and Durability is always a consideration. While natural limestone has a compressive strength of 4,500 PSI on average, cast stone is measurably stronger. Capital Cast Stone units meet or exceed ASTM C1194 standard minimum compressive strength of 6,500 PSI at 28 days from the day of casting.

Reinforcement can be added to increase the structural benefits of precast concrete while still maintaining the beauty of natural cut stone. Cast stone is not structural and is designed to carry only its own weight.

Cleaning cast stone is easy. With a surface texture that looks like limestone, CCS units are resistant to weather and dirt. There is a variety of effective cleaning systems on the market, but CCS recommends using Sure Klean® 600 manufactured by PROSOCO.

Handling of cast stone should be done with reasonable care. Please take every precaution when moving, loading, or unloading of pallets. Also be sure to provide protection from staining prior to and after installation.

Engineering Services is another part of the full-service commitment Capital Cast Stone™ offers its customers. We have AUTOCAD capability with expertise in cast stone design and layout.

Additional Information is available, including ASTM testing methods required for the manufacturing, quality assurance, storage, handling, repair, and more as it relates to cast stone. Click here to also visit the Tech/Specs page.

Color Sample Presentation Boxes are now available to the architect and contain eight CCS standard colors in two separate collections. If you’re an architect and would like to use these for your selection process, contact us for more information.

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