Q: How does cast stone differ from natural limestone?
A: The appearance of cast stone is very similar to limestone. From a performance standpoint testing shows cast stone to have higher compressive strength, is more finely detailed, and is more cost effective on highly repetitious unit production.

Q: How much advance notice is necessary when ordering cast stone?
A: The majority of cast stone is ordered custom versus standard. Since every job is different, Capital Cast Stone identifies the workload in-house and advises its customer as to how long an order could potentially take to complete.

Q: Is transportation via long-haul trucking of cast stone a problem?
A: Special care is taken to assure cast stone is properly prepared for shipping. Distance to the jobsite is not a concern.

Q: Is cast stone able to be handled and installed immediately after delivery?
A: Cast stone is an architectural concrete building unit and has a full curing cycle that is achieved prior to shipment so handling immediately upon delivery is not a concern.

Q: Cast stone is offered in colors. Does the color from piece-to-piece differ and will it change over time?
A: Several raw materials are used in making cast stone including pigments for specific coloration. Once a color is approved by the customer for production, continuity tolerances are maintained by strict quality control procedures. Due to the use of these natural raw materials cast stone will have the same consistencies or inconsistencies as natural limestone which gives it character and a natural aesthetic appearance. As with natural limestone, cast stone is subject to the elements which over time will affect its natural appearance.

Q: What are the typical uses for cast stone?
A: Cast stone can be used in a wide variety of applications both inside and outside ranging from complete facades to individual accents. Aside from its aesthetic beauty cast stone has proven to add value to any structure.

Q: Are special tradesmen used to install cast stone?
A: Masonry contractors are used when installing cast stone. We can assist with recommendations of masonry contractors with whom we have had experience.

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